Why We Provide Budget-Friendly Dog Treats

Why We Provide Budget-Friendly Dog Treats

One of our passions is financial literacy.  We initially became debt free by following Dave Ramsey’s plan, cutting up all of our credit cards in 2008, and purchasing our first home with a mortgage and no credit score (after 6 months of closed accounts there’s not enough info for a score).  We even rent cars and have traveled and moved across several states with no credit cards (gasp)!  We led Financial Peace University classes several times in our community, and are huge cheerleaders for anyone we meet working through financial goals.  Of course, this was before we had dogs, and back when we thought pet insurance was a scam (we now believe different, and have pet insurance for each of our dogs).

When we set out to launch TripMutts, we knew we had a product that filled a gap in the dog treat industry.  Not only does it work for dogs with missing teeth who have limited treat options, calms anxious dogs (licking is calming), but it also works for those on restricted/limited diets, overweight dogs (3-5 licks per 1 calorie for medium/large dogs), and those on raw food diets.  Whether couch potato or working dog, it still works.  Some of the very few exceptions would be if your dog has pancreatitis or a beef allergy.

We wanted to offer a long-lasting, high-value, and healthy option that would not increase inflammation (like peanut butter and cheese), that can be used in many different ways (grooming, training, rewarding, or as a pill wrap), yet be easy on the budget.  A 2oz Licky Tallow Treat lasts most customers several months of daily use.  So do our beef liver and beef heart sprinkles, where just a little goes a long way, often lasting 2-3 months with one 2.5oz glass jar.

For a consumable like dog treats, normal businesses rely on repeat customers, and while we already have repeat customers, the orders are much longer between (because the treats last much longer).  That’s okay with us.  When we say we care about your mental health, and your financial freedom, we mean it.  Connection and community are at the core of everything we do.  We never want to come across like we are pushing a product.  We believe in our treats, and we hope you see the value in what we are providing, but we never want anyone to feel pressured.  Healthy boundaries and smart decision making for your lifestyle are the most important factors.

We will even show you how to make our products yourself, if you ever want to try it on your own one day (or 2 days - it is a looooong process) and have access to a local grass-fed farm.  While our Licky Tallow Treat is patent pending for the unique application of the treat, the formula is not.  And we aren’t going to track you down if you are creating your own lickable tallow treat at home.  Trust me.  Just don’t sell it.  Our tallow is rendered slightly different than what you will find in natural food stores or online, infused with fragrance and flavor to entice your pups (store bought has almost no fragrance or flavor, as it is heavily filtered and often used in baking).  We will show you soon, once we learn better videography, or hire help… Michelle is awful with photography and videography!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes life can feel overwhelming.  There’s too much.  Too much news, too much conflict, too much stress and anxiety, too much info fighting for our attention.  Too many bills, too many items on the to-do list, too many sleepless nights.  Do you ever want to purge everything and get back to a much simpler life?  If so, you are not alone.  Letting go of the excess, paring down to necessities, creating easy routines and habits, and allowing more room to stay grounded in the present is something we also crave.

We do life better with accountability, living alongside a community of like-minded people who want to give back more to this world than we receive.  Is that you?  Do you want to join us on this adventure?  There’s room for you in our family.

Connect with us, share with us, and live life with us (even if it’s just online).  When we say we care, we mean it.

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