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Training Grip for Licky Tallow Treat

Training Grip for Licky Tallow Treat

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These training grips are currently the best accessory for your Licky Tallow Treat.  They are handmade by a local Middle Tennessee artist.

Attach to the bottom of your Licky Tallow Treat and hold several different ways.  With the grip in your palm and the treat facing outwards from the back of your hand.  This will free up your hand to carry other items, such as a leash, drink, etc.  Or between your fingers with the Licky Tallow in your palm like you would with food luring.

While we call this a training grip, it is also a convenient way to reward your pup when you are out at local dog-friendly patios, without taking up room in the palm of your hand.

Follow our Instagram posts, stories, and tagged posts, to see ways we, and our customers, use training grips to get the most out of our portable Licky Tallow Treats.

Please help us in our mission of sustainability by reusing your training grips.  You can remove it with a utility knife or other flat-edge tool, scraping off the adhesive, and attaching a new adhesive to secure to your next treat.  Additionally, Pop-sockets can be used in place of these training grips.


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